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Take a look at some of our Advice pages to help and guide your thoughts on home improvement work.

  • Bathroom Specialist

    Finding a good bathroom specialist could be one of the most important moves in your home improvement plans.

  • Plumber

    Some thoughts on what to consider when contracting a plumber.

  • Roofer

    Bringing in a Roofer early can save a fortune, avoiding subsequent damage to your house and contents.

  • Cleaner

    Appointing a cleaner to regularly clean your house can be quite a task. We run through some of the cleaner tasks you need to think about before going out to look.

  • Drainage Specialist

    Some frequent questions our Drainage specialists get asked:

  • Kitchen Specialist

    Here are a few tips when dealing with kitchen specialists.

  • Home improvements

    Some tips and advice when thinking about home improvements.

  • Driveway Services

    Your driveway is an important part of your property because it gives guests and neighbours a first impression of your home.

  • Locksmith

    Locksmiths in our opinion are key in the whole home improvement area.

  • Electrician

    Electricians are tradespeople who design, install, and maintain electrical systems.

  • Heating Engineer

    A heating engineer is needed for your home when you decide to install a burner or your central heating needs attention.

  • Garden work

    Is your garden looking a little lacklustre and in need a some TLC?

  • Fencing

    Installing a new wooden fence is a great way to lift the look of your garden and mark out your boundary.

  • Flooring specialist

    Flooring Specialists tend to get more work for kitchen flooring than any other room in the house.

  • Builder

    Builders cover a wide remit so it's important to have your plans for what is required well developed before the builder arrives at the door. That's not to say the builder can't help you develop up your plans for you from an initial brief, but you still need to be clear exactly what you are looking for as an end result.

  • Carpenter

    Carpenters are basically wood workers, but wood workers with impressive skills.  Ever watched one at work?

  • Security specialist

    Security is paramount for your home.

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