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Carpenters are basically wood workers, but wood workers with impressive skills.  Ever watched one at work?

Making furniture

Carpenters can specialist in furniture making; not just building but the initial design. Cabinets, chairs, tables, and other products, often to fit into a provided space. The design, the wood, and the finish can be all bespoke to your home and particular style preferences.

Residential Carpentry

Residential carpenters focus on installation projects, for example wood flooring, outdoor decks, and patios. Also as a general contractor working on general home improvement projects. 

Construction Carpentry

Construction carpenters work as part of a construction team, responsible for much larger projects such as framing homes and rooms, or designing and building cabinetry for one or many homes, from a specific design. Also work on roof framing and outdoor decking and other projects.


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