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Appointing a cleaner to regularly clean your house can be quite a task. We run through some of the cleaner tasks you need to think about before going out to look.


How long do you want a cleaner to work for each week?

Decide what tasks should be done on a regular basis, and also prioritise so that when you detail them out to the cleaner you can say 'If you run out of time, these are the most important I need completing'.  So make a list of the tasks and mark each one with the time you would hope he/she takes to complete. Then total up to see how many hours are needed.

What types of jobs do you want the cleaner to do?

Also some cleaners will take on 'projects'. So you could allocate an hour of time for the cleaner to focus on a one-off peice of work you want completed, such as a full intense cleaning of your bathroom (cleaning the grout, polishing the tiles, sparkling up the window frames, etc). Or in the living room, an intense cleaning of the sofas.

Work out how much you think you list of jobs is worth to you. How much would you charge if you did it yourself?  Priceatrade.com shows a competitive fixed price per hour and saves you the time of scouring the market - all of ours a pre checked for quality and service delivery.


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