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Electricians are tradespeople who design, install, and maintain electrical systems.

Depending on the home improvements project, electricians have many duties, such as planning projects, upgrading old wiring systems, installing wiring, receptacles, and lighting fixtures; troubleshooting and repairing issues.

Construction electricians

Also referred to as maintenance electricians, these electricians plan, install, repair, inspect, and maintain electrical systems in new structures. Because they create brand new systems, they tend to do more design and planning than other electricians.

They usually work in industrial, commercial, and institutional environments and can be employed by maintenance departments or electrical contractors.

Residential electricians

These electricians relate more to work in your home, installing and repairing electrical systems in houses and extensions. 

Industrial electricians

These electricians are employed by contractors and maintenance departments and tend to work in factories, plants, shipyards, and other industrial environments. 

Types of work requiring electricians

Quite a few.

A survey conducted by Electrical Safety First found that half of all severe electric shocks are caused by people doing home improvement projects, with the main errors including cutting through power cables, drilling into electrical installations and repairing electrical equipment that is still turned on.


Lights or sockets in your home or garden are not working 

You’ll need an electrician to diagnose where the problem lies. Common problems are unsound installations that might have to be replaced, faulty fuses, old light fittings reaching the end of their useful lives, water getting into lights and sockets, or a wiring fault. 

Tripped fuseboxes

This is most likely to be linked with problems with your lights and sockets. Again, you will need an electrician to diagnose what is going wrong. It could be a bad earth on the house, or the need to re-wire to give extra capacity.

Your phone doesn’t work

If one of your home telephones doesn’t work – there’s no dialling tone or it doesn’t ring – you may have a problem with one of your phone sockets. BT will charge you for a visit to test your incoming line and check your master socket. But the problems most frequently lie with the other sockets which are left out of such inspections.

You need new lights or sockets

Unless the problem involves merely changing the fittings and accessories, you now need an approved electrician to do this work.


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