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Some thoughts on what to consider when contracting a plumber.

Plumber for shower replacement

Replacing or even fitting a shower for the first time can significantly add to the value of your house, but also your quality of life. But it is important you work through the detail at the early stages with your plumber.


First you will need to work up a plan with your plumber. Sit down with your plumber and discuss the typeof shower you would like (power, electric. if thermostatic, the type of enclosure, the size of the tray).

Then discuss with your plumber the power you want from the shower, how many people will use it and how often. These factors will inlfuence the type of shower your plumber will recommend.

Finally your budget. Your plumber will quote based on your requirements (or you can simply build precise requirements using this site) but ask your plumber to show the range of prices and options for each element of the shower. You could save siginificant amounts just by changing brands and specifications.

Plumber for tap replacement

You may want to upgrade your taps, replace a leeky one, or match the taps in to your new shower. Your plumber will be able to advice cost options for a range of taps.

But what are the options?

You plumber should take you through a catlogue of taps, both by brand, style (all in one or individual, modern or classic(, and specification (whether chrome or brass, solid or coated, even if manually operated or movement detected).

You will probably be pleasantly surprised on the price. A plumber can fit new taps quite quickly if using existing pipework, so for a relatively low cost you can make a nice new upgrade to one of the most used rooms in the house.

Plumber for central heating flushing

Normally people think of a plumber for taps, baths, sinks and drainage; but a plumber is also the one you call for central heating problems.

You may have a block in the radiators or in need of a complete flush of the entire system. Either way you will need a local plumber to do the work.

A plumber for those leaks

When you spring a leak, especially to outdoor pipes and taps following a cold winter, a plumber is in urgent need. 

Fixing leaks if easy accessible is relatively simple, so you shouldn't expect large bills and work can be complete usually within 1-2 hours. Make sure you get an estimate up-front. If your plumber says it is too difficult to estimate for, check in with him after the first hour to see how long he expects to take.

Once the work is done, keep his details - its always best to have someone you trust in times of emergency so if the plumber does the work well hang on to him!

Top plumber tip: Insulate Exposed Pipes

Make sure your pipes running outside are insulated before the cold weather arrives. When pipes defrost from a cold spell they can split and can be dangerous if near electrical supplies, so prepare ahead.


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