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Bringing in a Roofer early can save a fortune, avoiding subsequent damage to your house and contents.

Roof types

Most houses have pitched (raised) roofs covered in tiles or slate.

Tiles are commonly made out of cement or clay. Cement tiles should last 40-50 years and are about 70p each. Clay tiles last longer but are about £1.20 each. 

Slate is hard-wearing but rarely used because it's expensive. More slates than tiles are needed due to how they overlap. Reclaimed slates are cheaper.

Many outbuildings and garages, and some extensions, have flat roofs. Felt is the most common covering but newer materials such as fibreglass and PVC are now used. Read our useful tips and advice article on felt roofs.

What you should look for

Spotting these early warning signs can prevent more expensive problems.

Tiled roofs

Damp or leaks may signal a cracked or slipped tile.

If a tile has blown off, it should be replaced quickly to prevent water from penetrating the felt underneath. Also, more tiles can be dislodged in high winds if there is one missing.

Flat roofs

Check for cracks or splits round the edges. You might find our article on felt roofs useful.

Also sagging – as water builds up boards can break under the weight.

Damp patches on the ceiling – the roof may have a tear. Stand back and check your flat roof from the ground periodically. If you spot uneven lumps, repairs may be needed.

Roof costs

There is a short article on roof costs, but also please use the dropdown on the homepage to view guide prices for the different types of roof. 


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Roof costs

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