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Security specialist

Security is paramount for your home.

Let's look through some of the tips for increasing security in your home, and the areas a security specialist can help and what you should look and ask for.

Alarms from Security specialists

Types of alarms

The installation of any alarm by a security specialist should meet with the British Standard PD6662 (European Standard EN 50131 and UK standards such as BS8243). These standards cover both hard-wired systems and wire-free. Hard wired are more expensive to fit but are more reliable and tend to conform to the National Police Chiefs Council Security Systems Policy.

An important point is that police response to alarm activations varies according to the type of alarm. 'Type A' Remote Signalling Alarms will be registered with the police and identified by a unique reference number (URN) for intruder alarm response and a URN for hold up alarm (personal attack alarm) response. 

Selection and installation

'Type B' Audible Only and Hybrid Alarms, including bells-only and automatic dialing alarms will not have URNs issued. These tend to have more limited police attendace requiring more evidence that an offence is being committed.

When talking to Security Specialists check that the alarm and its installation will be to British Standard PD662 and include the terms of maintenance and monitoring contracts.

Security specialists for windows


Things to discuss with your security specialist include: 

  1. All accessible windows must have key operated locks, unless they are being used as a fire escape. 
  2. Key operated locks are essential. Window handles should be multi locking, with shoot bolts into the frame.
  3. Extra security can be added to externally beaded windows with security clips, security tape or sealant.
  4. Louvre window panes must be secured to prevent them being removed, or consider replacing them with a solid glass panel.
  5. When fitting new windows make sure they have been tested to withstand attack and meet one of the following standards; PAS 24:2012, STS 204 or LPS 1175 SR1.

Security lighting

Talk lighting with your specialist.

Exterior lights

Think about fitting exterior lights - this will make it more difficult for burglars to stay undetected when they’re trying to break in. Ensure they are fitted to be tamper-proof, or at least positioned out of reach.

In most cases, the preferred and cost-effective security lighting option is low wattage bulbs activated by photo-electric cell which will automatically switch on from dusk till dawn.

Interior lights

Remember to always leave some lights on inside when you go out.

But there are also automatic lighting devices on the market to give the impression that the house is occupied - lights that turn on and off in random fashion, and ones that can be set to control other electrical appliances such as the radio or television. 

Also remember, if you are going away for some days, to let your neighbours know, and if you are a member of your neighbourhood watch scheme even better.


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