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How it works

It couldn't be easier

Priceatrade is completely free to use and takes just minutes to find quality approved tradesmen for your home improvements project.

We also have a useful Advice section for tips and information on home improvement areas.

To find tradesmen and prices simply complete the steps below:

Click here to start.

1. Select the type of Trade, click 'Next step'

2. Select the type of Job, select the Work required, click 'Next step'

3. See the prices of different options

4. Make your selection and indicate the quantity required, click 'Next step'

5. Press the Add work button to add more options to your basket

6. Enter the first 2 digits of your postcode and compare tradesmen

7. View tradesman prices, profiles and user testimonials

8. If you decide to appoint a tradesman simply click on the tradesman and they will contact you

Click here to start.

Benefits of Priceatrade?

Speed  You can get prices and find a tradesmen within just 24 hours.

Convenience  The entire search process is online, and directly matched to your requirements. No appointments and quotation processes necessary.

Control  You specify exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less.

Quality  All tradesmen matched on Priceatrade are pre-approved and conform to the Priceatrade Quality Assurance scheme.

Price  Prices are lower than normal because by removing the appointment and quotation process for tradesmen we've passed the saving back to you.

Free to use  We do not charge you for this service. We only ask you spread the word so others can also benefit.

Confidential  Importantly when you submit a job you are doing so in a secure and confidential environment. None of your contact details are passed to anyone. Only when you decide to use a tradesman do we release your email address to that tradesman, no-one else, ever. So no more annoying calls from different tradesmen and marketing services you typically get after using an online tradesman service.

The best thing? Now all the little jobs can get done. The ones that just seemed more hassle than they were worth, can now get ticked off in just minutes.



For further information view the About us page and FAQs.

If you have any issues with our service, or want to give us some feedback, please contact us.

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