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Why become a member

Priceatrade is unlike any other tradesman site.

Instead of a directory of tradesman's listings we take the individual requirements of the homeowner and directly match them to a shortlist of suitable tradesmen members.

What this means for you the tradesmen is a supply of ready-to-go jobs. Not enquiries which need follow up calls, home visits and quotations produced; all with the risk of not securing the work.

With Priceatrade the quotation process and selling of your services is done for you. When you receive a job you simply click to accept and the homeowner simply chooses between you and up to a aximum of five other tradesmen matched.

The result is a very low cost route to work, with minimum of risk.


You simply pay a fixed low cost membership fee each month, and in return you receive a fixed number of 'jobs' each month. 

You set your requirements for jobs in terms of types of work, location and price; and we do the rest.

Contact us today to find out more or complete the simple form to get started.




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